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This is the third Scandinavia album.


released February 1, 2014

Recorded 18-21 October 2013 with Guy Denning at Granary Studios, Lamberhurst, except for HMV is Dead!, recorded March 2013 at home and at practice, and I Like Dumb Tunes recorded April 2013 with Giles Barratt at Soup Studios, London. Mastered by Henri Latham-Koenig

All songs by Scandinavia, who are Amin, Miriam, Tibor, Tom and Warrick. Tambourine and backing vocals on I Like Dumb Tunes and HMV is Dead! by Tim Neville. Gospel choir on Our Future City by Guy Denning.

Design by Ali Reid. Thanks to Arthur Urquiola of Artefracture.



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SCANDINAVIA is a DIY power pop band from London and Hong Kong. Our 4th album 'World Power' came out on 2 Nov 2016.

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Track Name: Silly Feet 2
You were an original fat suit wearer
Pop star footballer
Mischievous jokester
Your heart was beautiful

Slightly overweight
And it made you loveable
You smoked cigarettes
But you could play so wonderful

Tears for England in those games
Like memories in the rain
Wash away

Silly feet, two of them
And the ball stuck like with glue to them
You were a buffoon but you were never a hooligan
A loony tune
Battling your demons in
A bottle, pull your socks up now for England and get those silly feet on again

You were an original Geordie boy king
In a lineage of them
You could rap it like waddle
And score goals like Keegan

You were never unsung
And you were always up for fun
But get too close to the sun
And you get burned like anyone
Track Name: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Everyone's talking about my baby
Superficial words always drive me crazy
But I'm never gonna ever stop feeling like I'm out of my mind

Strangers on a train, we could hatch a plot to kill
All the stupid people who sacrifice free will
Set the stun gun to 'mind numb' the brain dead humankind

Anyone who's anyone
Is just anyone, not you

But she knew too much
And I'm struck dumb in love
In the grand scheme of our plans to rule I'm just a pretender
I've become an agent of her lust
And that's just the price of love

Something's gone wrong with her algorithm
There's a gleam in her eye that says I'm her next victim
I'm happy to report that I offer me up to her desires

I'm in love with the girl who knew too much
Track Name: The Balance Sheet & What It's Used For, pt. 1
What I own minus what I owe
What I am worth I am worth!
It's impossible to know

I'm the sum of several things
Nationally-insured citizen!
It's not a matter of earnings

Jealousy compares
And everyone says that they hurt
But what do they mean?
We quantify, look to the sky and ask why?

Value is written in swirls
It is coded and I don't know why
Assets and equity serve
And are eroded with the passing of time
Time, time, time

What I am versus what I own
I couldn't care less, I'm careless!
I can't account for what I've blown

Keep a tab for all of your friends
Because they're worth less, they're worthless!
Just for the message that it sends

Tell lies
Size up and rise up
And fantasise
Track Name: The Balance Sheet & What It's Used For, pt. 2
Well it's known
That you can't take it with you
But I think that you can

They were wrong
And when I go I wanna go a rich man

When I go, I wanna go a rich man
I'll seize it all and they can be damned

When you're gone
You're returned to the air and earth
It's where you belong

And you're sown
To fertilize the land and feed a generation

Let us burn, let us burn
Turn our cash to ash, it's what we've earned

It goes on, it goes on
And on and on and on
Track Name: I Should've Said Nothing
I should've said nothing at all
Feel like you've gone on a long vacation
But you're never coming back no more
Watching the train pull out of the lonely station

I've got a long way to walk
Through the mall
Lots of shoppers heeding marketing calls
It's a bore
I should've said nothing at all

The sun's a ball of fire in the sky
Floating in the blue with no clouds or direction
And people come from miles away
To burn on the sand searching for relaxation

I've got a lot of empty talk
It's small
Lots of dreams but no real goals
Life's a ball
I should've said nothing at all

I've got a bad-ass pair of ray bans
To cover my eyes while my soul is hurting
Might as well just work on my tan
And wile away the summer feeling pretty vacant

I've got a whole world to explore
This fall
I've got nothing to say anymore
Track Name: I Like Dumb Tunes
I like dumb tunes
It's so uncool
I like that dress you wear when you get in my hair and it's all good

I'm not as miserable
As people think so
I just like to get down on these things like I'm above it all

Like I'm above it all
It's uncool cuz it's not ironic at all

I like dumb tunes
Make me happy when I miss you
I like dumb tunes
Make me feel good when I do feel miserable

I like dumb tunes
Like Black Flag too
I still like to let my hair down on occasion like I'm youthful

Can't be as physical
As maybe I'd like to
But I can still rock n roll like I was born to wear suede shoes
Track Name: HMV Is Dead!
Functional things are wonderful things
I read books about everything
Balance sheets and boardroom meets
The ceo's gotta go cuz he's got kids at home

We dream economically
I used to love the feeling of buying a cd
But what does it mean about me?

Remember 94
They opened a flagship store
Spending weekends at the mall
I loved that record store

I professed to hate
Capitalism and the unfree state
Contradictions are great
Never thought about my parents working late

Teen dreams are just packaging
We unwrap to reveal nothing but then we write our stories in, hoping to become something

Friendships are just bonds of sweat
Intangibles we can't forget
Memories are there to remind
About the way we change all the time

And these are just changing times
So say goodbye to that enterprise
They only seemed to charge a fair price
When we all knew they were going to die

Our cultural lives are short
Dog-eared imprints of what we've sold and bought
But those opening chords were divine
Soundtracked me dreaming that I'll make you mine

It's all so hard to define
Track Name: Our Future City
It could be me, it could be you
It could be me, or anyone we know
You could be the first to go
To the countryside or down to the coast
Yes it's true, houses are too
Expensive but we'll just rent till we've saved for a year or two
Cuz I never wanna move
Our town's the best and we got proof

I never take the riverboat to work
The river snakes through the city centre and breaks
It in two, all spread out, green brown and blue
Our town's got something for everyone!

The city grew, houses are new
Buildings live and breathe and adapt to what people do
Slight roadways are barely used
More decorative, preserved for historical value
And on skyways we all move
And in our heads we see what we choose
At work and play tech has improved
But in truth we're just the same, and so we give the past it's due

The river snakes through the city centre always
The water sparkles so clear because the bed's been paved
Piping's been laid, silver and grey, the ores we crave are there
We're mining for utopia!

The future's ours
Track Name: Adventureland
I see you in the spotlight dreaming and it makes me sad
I wanna call you but I know it'd just make you mad
My heart aches driving through the city in a taxi cab
Wanted to whisper in your ear but I can't go back

Words keep killing me
Words keep filling my head
It's so clear

Your heart's so pure
It's warm as earth and soft as snow
(I love you just the same yeah)
My heart it died
It's hard as dirt and cold as ice
(but my feelings haven't changed, no)
Track Name: Big Noise Strikes Again
The humidity makes me feel like a kid
Dancing in the rain drinking Pabst Blue Ribs
Skinny little divs doing that funny knee twist
That's the way they did it in the indie rock vids

Now I'm all grown
And my friends are all grown

That me fifteen years ago
Is hard to recognize
Now we're just getting on with our lives

I can't dance and I can't sing
That's how you know that I'm the genuine thing
We sang songs to feel like we belonged
To put your arms around a memory's fine
Big noise is a friend of mine

This rigidity makes me feel so sick
Waiting for a train in my commutering skivs
Got reflective, is this how I wanna live?
But perspectives get confused when the world is so big

now that I'm all grown
And I've got to get along

So I can't dance, I can't sing
Don't wanna learn, I'll say a prayer out on the wing
We sang songs and it never felt wrong
Some chords and passion - aimless ambition
Big noise strikes again