HMV is Dead! (Single)


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The death of the CD industry has been forecast for sometime, but the news that HMV was on the verge of going into administration in early 2012 was still a shocking turn of events for this once venerable high street chain.

Maybe it's just because we came of age as the music industry was at the peak of its commercial powers, but to us the CD was a magical music delivery device. We bought, bartered, stole and swapped them in the pursuit of building music collections to invite envy and admiration. Then it all came tumbling down.

A very slightly different version of the same song appears on our 2014 album 'Big Noise!'

We made a video to accompany the song:


Functional things are wonderful things
I read books about everything
Balance sheets and boardroom meets
The ceo's gotta go cuz he's got kids at home

We dream economically
I used to love the feeling of buying a cd
But what does it mean about me?

Remember 94
They opened a flagship store
Spending weekends at the mall
I loved that record store

I professed to hate
Capitalism and the unfree state
Contradictions are great
Never thought about my parents working late

Teen dreams are just packaging
We unwrap to reveal nothing but then we write our stories in, hoping to become something

Friendships are just bonds of sweat
Intangibles we can't forget
Memories are there to remind
About the way we change all the time

And these are just changing times
So say goodbye to that enterprise
They only seemed to charge a fair price
When we all knew they were going to die

Our cultural lives are short
Dog-eared imprints of what we've sold and bought
But those opening chords were divine
Soundtracked me dreaming that I'll make you mine

It's all so hard to define


released April 20, 2013
Written and produced by Tom and Warrick. Tibor drummed, Tim and Miriam sang and Nadim provided remote consultancy services. More Scandinavia material coming soon once the full team reconvenes.



all rights reserved



SCANDINAVIA is a DIY power pop band from London and Hong Kong. Our 4th album 'World Power' came out on 2 Nov 2016.

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